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Events 2019

13. 3. – 10. 4. 2019
Vienna (A), Church of St. Thekla:
Lenten Meditations

11. 4. 2019
Vienna (A), Media vita in morte sumus – Lenten Concert

25. 7. 2019
Terrassa (E), Sons del Temps 2019: Concert | organ and soprano

8. – 16. 8. 2019
Magnano (Biella, I), Festival Musica Antica a Magnano. Master class

1. 11. 2019
Venice (I). Church of San Rocco: Holy Mass

1. 11. 2019
Venice (I). Church of San Rocco: Organ Concert

4. – 18. 12. 2019
Vienna (A), Church of St. Thekla: Musical Meditations in the Advent 2019

Sons del Temps

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25. 7. 2019
Thursday | 8.30 p. m. | Esglesia de Sant Pere
Plaça del Rector Homs, 1
08222 Terrassa (Barcelona, E)

Susanna Crespo Held soprano
Silva Manfrè organ

Music by Georg Muffat, Tarquinio Merula, Johann Jakob Froberger, Giovanni Felice Sances, Johann Kaspar Kerll, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Bernardo Pasquini and Barbara Strozzi

Info: Sons del Temps

Abbildung: Esglesia de Sant Pere (Cultural Heritage Spain)
Foto: PMRMaeyaert
Lizenz: CreativeCommons by-sa-2.0-de (Kurzfassung).

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Festival Musica Antica a Magnano 2019: Master class

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8. – 16. 8. 2019
13887 Magnano (Biella, I)

Master class Silva Manfrè
Organ (Giovanni Bruna, 1794)

Programme of the Master Class for Organ 2019
Some of the works chosen in the repertoire of the South German organ school from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries will be studied. The aim is to highlight the close style-relationships between this School and the Italian one, focusing on the figures of Frescobaldi and Pasquini. In particular, we will dedicate ourerselves to the works of Johann Jakob Froberger, Johann Caspar Kerll, Georg Muffat, Johann Pachelbel and Alessandro Poglietti. However some of Bernardo Pasquini’s “Sonate a due Bassi” will be the subject of Basso continuo lessons. On request, photocopies of some of the works will be available.

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Church of San Rocco | Venice: Organ Concert

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1. 11. 2019
Friday | 4 p. m. | Church of San Rocco
San Polo, 3052 30122 Venice (I)
Free entry!

Silva Manfrè organ

Organ: Pietro Nacchini, 1743

Program to be defined.

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Foto: Church of San Rocco © Albert Seitlinger


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Born in Verona (Italy), Silva Manfrè studied piano, organ and composition at the conservatory of her hometown and at the University of Music and Performing Arts of Vienna with Michael Radulescu. She also studied musicology at the Universities of Pavia (I) and Vienna (A). She got her degree with a dissertation on the organ compositions of Arnold Schönberg, Olivier Messiaen und Paul Hindemith. Silva Manfrè attended masterclasses in particular in historical performance practice with Gaston Litaize, Guy Bovet, Bernard Brauchli, Esteban Elizondo, Harald Vogel, Lorenzo Ghielmi and Paolo Crivellaro.

International concert activities as soloist and chamber music player led her to Italy (Asiago Festival Internazionale, Festival di Musica Antica di Magnano, Organfestival of Alessandria, Rassegna »Monteverdi ai Frari«, „Gaude Barbara beata“ in Mantua, Festival Serassi, „Concerti di S. Torpete“ in Liguria and others), Austria (Wiener Orgelkonzerte, Wiener Bezirksfestwochen, Orgelkonzerte von Jeunesse und ORF / Radio Ö1, „Music for a while. Alte Musik in Bludenz“, »donauFESTWOCHEN im Strudengau« in Upper Austria and others), in Hungary, Czech Republic, Switzerland (Festival Antegnati – Bellinzona, Rassegna Organistica Valmaggese), Spain, the Principality of Andorra and in Slovenia. Silva Manfrè has also made radio recordings for the Austrian Broadcasting (ORF), radio klassik Stephansdom and the European Broadcasting Union.

Among her main interests are less known or rarely performed compositions of the Renaissance, the Baroque and the classical period as well as organ chamber music. Silva Manfrè has worked together with contemporary composers such as Michael Radulescu, Wolfgang Sauseng, Karl Schnürl, Paul Koutnik, the catalan composer Victor Estapé who wrote his composition »Landschaft mit Gesang« (Landscape with chant) for her and the spanish flutist Enric Ribalta (First performance: Vienna 2011) and Pier Damiano Peretti (First performance of »Canto di una Creatura« for soprano and organ with Marie-Antoinette Stabentheiner, Vienna, march 2018). Since 2018 Silva Manfrè gives a master class (organ, basso continuo) at the Festival Musica Antica Magnano (Piemont, I).

Silva Manfrè was also organist at the Cappella musicale of the Cathedral of Padua (IT). She has been Organist at the »St. Thekla« Church of the Piarists in Vienna since 1998.



Foto: Silva Manfrè (© Tommaso De Barbieri)