Festival Musica Antica a Magnano 2023: Master class

10. – 19. 8. 2023
Master class Silva Manfrè
Organ (Giovanni Bruna, 1794) and Basso continuo

Programme of the Master Class for Organ 2023
Some of the works chosen in the repertoire of the South German organ school from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries will be studied. The aim is to highlight the close style-relationships between this school and the italian one, focusing on the figures of Frescobaldi and Pasquini. In particular, we will dedicate ourselves to the works of Johann Jakob Froberger, Johann Caspar Kerll, Georg Muffat, Johann Pachelbel and Alessandro Poglietti. However some of Bernardo Pasquini’s „Sonate a due Bassi” will be the subject of Basso continuo lessons. On request, photocopies of some of the works will be available.

Programme of the Master Class for Basso continuo 2023
Continuo with analysis of the repertoire of the most flourished European literature. Correlation on the different methods of execution of a same piece based on the type of instrument adopted (organ or harpsichord). Individual and group lessons at the organ and/or harpsichord with possible participation to the final concert and the choir rehearsals, as well as those of the various instrumental groups.Silva Manfrè: Organ and Basso continuo

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